Another year has come and gone and it's 2017. Remember that night, three or four years ago - you were out late, drinking whiskey, bitter at all the other late night options... And who appeared? We did. Boss Lady Pizza. And you swiped right on us. Sure, you may not have known at the time, but you woke up next to an empty pizza box and a flashback of that slice. You thought to yourself,  'How could this be real? How did we meet?' and you knew you had to explore things further. So you did. You started meeting us out after drinks and eventually for dinner. Things got serious and we became the first thing you saw when you rolled out of bed in the mid-afternoon. And how did it feel? It felt good. Satisfying. Comfy.

So we are asking you...can we keep this love affair alive? In order to do so, we need to invest in our product and our staff. By raising prices for the first time since we opened our doors (which will go into effect Jan 1st 2017), we will be able to raise wages and provide more benefits and opportunities for our crew. We want you to want us, and we want them to want you. After all, Boulder is growing quickly. There are so many fish in the sea. We need to keep you interested and by motivating our staff and making improvements to our concept and our space, we think we can do just that. In a world of technology and many other restaurants at your fingertips, we are asking you to be our sig fig, to go steady, be our ride or die. In turn, we promise to be yours.



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I opened Boss Lady Pizza almost 4 years ago with the intention of showing Boulder that high-quality east-coast pizza can be found right here at home in Colorado. The name “Boss Lady” was inspired by a former co-worker who frequently called me ‘Lady Boss’ (shout out to BP, we miss you!). I always intended to prove my place in the restaurant industry - a tough and gritty world that left me surrounded mostly by men, especially in a pizzeria. I have set out not only to make great food, but to show that there is a peaceful harmony and fountain of success that can happen when men and women utilize their skill sets to come together and work toward a common goal.

At Boss Lady Pizza, we value communication high above all else. We strive to help each other grow as employees and work to make sure customers are happy with our food and our service. We aren’t pushovers and we don’t believe the customer is always right. However, we do believe the customer should be given the best experience we can give, and we can only be happy with ourselves when we have done just that. We are a team of young men and women who feed off each other’s energy and experiences. Although we have had our ups and downs, I would put our crew up against the best in town. I think we have some of the hardest working staff in the game and I’m proud that this team is mine.

All of our pizzas are hand-stretched and topped with ingredients that are prepared in house. This process takes more time than our fast food competitors. Please take the time to order directly by using our app or calling 303-449-0909 so we can manage your expectations. As always, thanks for the love and the support. We can't do this without our fans.



“It is she who listens to the rest of the world who fails, and it is she who has enough confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds.”     ~ Sophia Amoruso, Founder & Owner of Nasty Gal, and Author of #GIRLBOSS